Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chorepacks - Managers of their Chores

 We implemented something new this week.  Chorepacks!  So far they are working great!  Originally intended for large families, I have found this chorpack system to work great.  I printed out several Chore Cards, you tuck them into the pocket and attach it to your childs clothing.  They complete the first chore card, when its done they move it to the back and continue on with the next chore.
 When all the chores are completed, Kayley turns in her chorepack for "inspection" and if she did her chores cheerfully, quickly and completely then she receives a Best Bee-havior card.  When she has saved 10 Bee cards, she can trade them in for a reward out of the reward basket.

Since Kayley is only 4, many of her chores are grooming chores, but there are several others in there as well.  Feeding the kitties and watering the plants are 2 of her favorites.  I like feeling a little less overwhelmed with all of the general "picking up" I was doing and Kayley doesn't need constant reminders on what happens next.  

She has a morning chorepack and and evening chorepack (so an opportunity to earn 2 Bee cards a day - 1 reward each week)!

If you are interested in this system I bought the book Managers of Their Chores by Steve & Terry Maxwell.  You can find it here:
I'd recommend it, especially if you are trying to figure out how to get your kids more involved in chores and helping out around the house.  :)

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