Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The "Kankets"

 There is nothing quite like a blankey.  Kayley has been a firm blankey (which she always called her "kanket") user since she was 6 months old.  It has never bothered me...I always encouraged the small, square "travel size" kankets, since I didn't want them dragging a full size quilt around the house.
We always had firm rules about the kanket.  You can drag them all over the house, but you cannot, will not, absolutely not (except in overnighters) take the kanket out of the house.  I've stuck firm to that rule, and thankfully I've never had to fight the "leave the kanket at home battle."
 Maggie has become hooked on her Kanket too.  Gramma made these matching kankets for the girls, distinguishable by a blue or white ribbon in the corner.  It is always been important to have 1 backup kanket, just in case, so the girls both have 2 kankets each.  One for use, one for trading out when its time to wash, etc.

Thanks Gramma for making out pretty kankets!!!

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