Friday, May 13, 2011

Finding Clarinda...

I've been working sporadically on my geneology.
I love it when my dad comes to visit because we can usually convince the other to do some pretty interesting things.  Like drive 2 hours to a lonely cemetery...just because.  On this last trip we finally discovered where one of our lost relatives were buried.  In an unmarked, completely abandoned cemetery in the middle of a forest.  To get there, we parked our car along a small dirt road in Nebo, MO.  We used our GPS... climbed through a barbed wire fence (it didn't say no trespassing-so here in MO that is an open invite!  LOL) We hiked through a forested area...down into a deep ravine, crossed a creek bed...way back up another big hill...across a cow pasture (watch where you step!)...and back into the woods...  And here is what we found. 
The ruins of Chatham Cemetery.  
We knew that Clarinda was in an unmarked grave...  so we never technically found her... but we found so many lost and abandoned graves.  The cemetery has been reclaimed by the woods.  An amazing sight to see and depressing at the same time.  What happened to the families of all these other people?  They were sons, daughters, parents.  I just find it incredible that they are not missed by somebody...anybody.

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  1. I have not had much time to do genealogy since becoming a mommy-but I love trapsing through old cemetaries for gravestones. Looks like fun to me!!


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