Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Occupying the Toddler while Homeschooling

Not to be outdone, even at 16 months Maggie is always curious what is going on at the table during homeschool.  Kayley was concerned about Maggie feeling left out and so we have added a few minutes of "Baby-school" to our morning routine.  It has worked out great.  She joins us at breakfast for morning scriptures and at lunch while I read out loud but I wanted to give her a few things more age appropriate.  For about 3 to 10 minutes I put her in her booster and give her something to do.
Here are some things that we have enjoyed so far:

Counting Bears:

And a favorite - the ONE piece puzzle:

Maggie also enjoys coloring with crayons and paper and tearing up paper towels.

I am always looking for ideas to incorporate Maggie into the homeschool routine. 
If you think of anything clever - do tell!  :)

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