Monday, May 23, 2011

After the Storm...

We survived yesterdays tornado outbreak and we were excited after the storms passed to be treated to a beautiful -double- rainbow.  It was the first time Kayley had seen a rainbow and it was eerie for the sun to come out after it had been so dark.
Joplin, a town about 70 miles to our East, did not fare so well.  The town was nearly leveled.  Today we are still in the midst of severe weather and I am keeping both ears tuned to my Midland NOAA All Hazards Radio (a MUST have)
and SWMO Skywarn live scanner feed 
(which is the actual radio of chatter of the storm chasers in SW MO).  Click the pic to link to live Scanner Feed.

I also keep track of my favorite extreme meteorologist and storm chaster, Reed Timmer and the Dominator.  Because wherever he where you DON'T want to be.   See the little car on the map?  You can see a little bit of the town of Republic at the very top of the map. 

So!  Hunker down...and wait it out.  Severe weather today and tomorrow...then hopefully all will be quiet for a while.   Stay safe all!

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