Friday, May 20, 2011

Tantrums & Time-Outs

Maggie is a great toddler, learning and growing and exploring.  She keeps me on my toes! 

Now we have a whole new behavior in the last couple of months that I don't have a lot of experience with... the dreaded TANTRUM!   I've been very fortunate (I think) in that my experience with tantrums is pretty limited.  Kayley wasn't much of a tantrum thrower...although she did on occassion.  I usually handled it with a firm "Mommy doesn't do tantrums" & a time out or just ignoring it and letting her work it out - depending on the situation.  We moved through this phase pretty quickly with Kayley, I'm hoping the same approach works well with Maggie.

So, I've started time outs with Maggie a few weeks ago...and she has impressed me by staying in her special time-out spot until I tell her "All Done".  The recommended time for time-outs is 1 minute per year old, so Maggie gets a 60sec time out (or longer is she is still crying - but as soon as she stops crying after the 60sec time out she can get up).  I haven't used the time out for anything other than tantrums yet.  (Right now I can just tell Maggie "No-no" and she will time out needed) But, for tantrums it works well - at the beginning of tantrum, I just to move her to the time-out spot.  Several times now she has stopped crying almost immediately and signed "all done".  Soooo...I think it is working well so far.

Well - the other day I just couldn't resist getting out my camera.  She was SO tired... (hence the tantrum).  I can't even remember what it was all about, and I'm not sure she knew what she was upset about...I just remember looking at her while she worked really hard to make herself keep crying...and then she almost dozed off...and then she roused enough to remember...Oh yeah - I'm supposed to be crying and it was kind of hilarious and pretty cute.  LOL.  

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