Wednesday, February 23, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Unit Study - Day 3

Day 3.  Learning about St. Patrick's Celebrations

We were originally going to do this unit 4 days a week-Wednesday's off- but Kayley really wanted to do more today so we are now 1 day ahead!  That's ok though!  One of the beauties of homeschooling is flexibility to jump on your child's interest and run with it.

Vocab- celebrate, bagpipes, jig, parade, kilt

celebrate = to participate joyfully in an event.

bagpipes = an instrument that uses a windbag to blow air through the pipes to create music!

jig=a traditional FAST irish dance set to rhythmic music!  (You think you don't know a jig?  Think again!  Pop Goes the Weasel is an Irish Single Jig!!!  Sing it and dance up a storm!)

parade=a large group of people marching down the street to celebrate something!

kilt=a skirt worn by MEN in irish usually has a "tartan" (plaid) pattern.

People celebrate St. Patricks Day in a LOT of different ways.
Most towns have a parade that is filled with Bagpipe bands, men wearing kilts, Irish Dancers and the "wearing of the green!"  People wear green on St. Patricks Day to show their love for Ireland.

People also celebrate by eating traditional Irish foods or, for fun, food that is colored GREEN!

Read:  St. Patricks Day by Mari C. Schuh
We added the green tab to our book...Kayley glued a picture of herself as a baby wearing St. Pat's dress and drew a picture of Maggie inside wearing green!  
We also added the celebrations tab.  We glued in some small pics of kilts, bagpipes, marchers in a parade and drew in several other things we discussed that celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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