Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Mary Kay Makeover!

I have used Merle Norman makeup for a decade...  Maybe even more!  I have always loved their products, but recently found that, for whatever reason, my make up was making my face itch!  Weird I know!  So, I headed down to Merle Norman to talk to them about it...and the day I went the 90 year old lady (I swear!) was busy giving this other 90 year old lady a makeover.  Their make up was on so thick you could chisel it off.  Seriously!  Merle Norman hasnt seemed to change much with the times...I think the ladies that were working there 20 years ago are still the ones working there today!  I needed something fresher.  I left and decided to try out something new.  
So!  I called Mary Kay.  Or actually...Shelly.  
Shelly, the Mary Kay lady, who ACTUALLY drives a pink car!
I know right?  Kayley wants one.

Any how.  She was super sweet, and gave me a makeover.  
And Kayley wasn't about to be left out.  So we both tried out some MK.


We look lovely!  
So, I'm sold!  
Mary Kay is pretty awesome!  
Kayley had a blast trying on makeup samples... 
I told her I didn't think that lipstick was her color.  LOL!


  1. You both look lovely and lipliner really does make your lips look fuller Kayley. Ha ha ha!

  2. When did you do this because the Sunday before last I noticed your makeup looking awesome and I should have said something but somehow when I get complimented it bugs me (I know it's weird) anyway, so I didn't tell you but it looked great and your make over pix look great too. Tell Kayley I love her look she's so B E A utiful. Hope you enjoy a couple days of a break before more snow. ;)


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