Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kayley & Mommy and horrible, no good, VERY bad day.

Yesterday was quite the day.  There is nothing quite like a really bad day to take all of my good intentions and flush them down the toilet.  Yesterday started out ok.  We took Maggie to the Dr because she was having a little reaction to her MMR vaccine...she was running a fever and had developed a red, hot knot, on her leg.  Afraid it was an infection (since she received the vaccine 10 days ago...talk about delayed reaction!!) I took her in just to be on the safe side.  I perplexed everybody in my husbands clinic, but doesn't seem to matter now...since it all seems to have resolved itself and she was feeling a lot better by last night.

Then we headed to town to drop off and pick up some books at the library....

Then, since we were in town, we went by the used book store since they were having a 40% off sale.  Argh...things went down hill all day from that point.  Kayley -- gotta love her -- is so friendly, and she was actually "introducing herself" to these other children and kind of just getting in their families personal space...  She is cute and very sweet, but I had to go extract her from bothering this nice family.  Within minutes she was back over there...and some how these kids were now getting loud...and running through the book store.  Several "stop it!" and "shhhh" and 1 failed time-out later...I left the bookstore a little frazzled.

On the way home we hit Chick-fil-a.  One of my favorites...and it was GROSS.  The waffle fries were, like, yesterdays leftover waffle fries...the dribs and drabs from the bottom of the bag.  Not to mention my drink was vomitous.  Blugh!

We got home...we did our schoolwork (Yay! We got something right!)...Maggie went down for a nap.

  Within 20 minutes I found Kayley playing in the kitty water dish.  Argh!  Now-mind you-Kayley (seriously--gotta love her--) has been in trouble easily 10 times over the last 4 months for playing in the kitty's water dish.  I had a mini-mommy-meltdown...made her clean it up...talked about how "we know better, don't we?"  and moved on with our afternoon.  

About 1 hour later...Kayley was picking on Maggie in her walker.  Not a big deal, but a "we know better, don't we?" kind of thing...which warranted a time out.  A time out that started at 4 minutes, but lasted 15 for all the 'resetting of the timer' involved for each time Kayley wandered out and continued to pick on Maggie (from time out) and then sat on a cat (in time out) -- poor Pink Kitty.

About 2 hours later...I discovered about 100 dollars worth of Mary Kay (yeah--from our makeover) smeared all over my sweet Kayley...and my not-so-sweet bathroom counter and floor.  Not to mention, the ugly gouges that were taken out of my new makeup...and the colors all mixed together... I moved on at this point from mini-meltdown-mom moment to the full -- I am going to blow Mom-Mega-Meltdown...  

In fact, when I picture in my mind what I must've looked like...I think my head would've looked something like this:

 You know--one of those spinning fireworks that squeals loudly and sparks fly?

Anyway--I yelled, I ranted, I raved!  Argh!!!!  AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!  I said! ARgh!
I let my anger get the best of me.  I got so mad, that I got in the face of my 4 year old and yelled and screamed.  "What were you thinking??"  I had yelled at her.  "Why did you do that?!"  I had screeched at her.  "I don't know" she had answered pitifully.  And for good measure I added " ME NEITHER!!! but STOOOOOOP!!!!  GRRRR! Go to your ROOM!!!"

About 15 mintues later...  
Kayley was in her room...waiting with dread...to see what I was going to do.

I was laying on my bed, feeling horrendous. 

Oh boy.  Mommy-Tantrum.  Within seconds of cooling down I had felt AWFUL.

Then I cried.  
I lamented my poor example.  
I feel like the crappiest Mom on the planet.  
I asked God to forgive me for being so weak.  

And then went into Kayley's room.

I told her I loved her very much.  
And that I was so sorry that I yelled in her face.  
I told her that today was a No good, very bad day...  
And that tomorrow would be better.

She told me "I know!"  And then "Can I have a string cheese?"

Totally forgiven by my sweet 4 year old.  Just like that.

I went to bed last night wondering what my idol, Michelle Duggar, would've done.  I mean, surely she has dealt with at least 1 of every issue in her house with her 19 children.  I wonder if even the soft-spoken Michelle has ever become enraged at one of her children and screeched at them like a spinning firework?  Maybe...  Nobody is perfect.  But, she probably would've had some soft response that involved scripture quotation.  How does she do that?
I certainly have a lot to learn.
For today--I just want to love on my Kayley and see what kind of mischief she will make.

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  1. Oh man... I have had days like that. More than I care to count. You are a great mom and I'm sure even Michelle Duggar fell short, and still falls short some days. We're not perfect, but neither is she. (Though she is probably close to what we think it perfect, than we are.)
    I feel like that too! Just cry and feel horrible for falling short and ask the Lord and my kids to forgive me.
    We can always be more like the Lord... or Michelle. ;)


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