Thursday, December 25, 2008

Zoolights - Christmas Eve

We decided to make one last trip to zoolights for Christmas Eve. We wanted to get out of the house for a while and do something together. So, we got to the zoo and realized that the stroller has a flat tire AGAIN! For those of you who are just now tuning in, the bottom line is, EVERY time I try to use my awesome Jeep Special Edition stroller it ALWAYS has a flat tire... is James desperately trying to put air in the tire.
Kayley waiting patiently with Elmo for the stroller to be fixed. She was really excited to go look at Christmas lights.

Anyway...The tire has an issue and we couldn't even pump air into it before it leaked all back out. So we dug up our old 10 dollar Pooh umbrella stroller and off we went... (Kayley was disapointed to say the least.)

We promptly spilled a sippy cup all over the top . We stuck it down inside the sun canopy since there were no cup holders. Apparently that was was a dumb idea. Kayley complained and complained that her stroller was "dirty."

Kayley rode the eagle on the carousel. might enjoy this photo montage. We decided to try to take a photo with Kayley...but we seriously could NOT get her to look at the camera...
Seriously...Mommy - Daddy... you guys are embarrassing.

So, we tried to take a self-portrait, which we are usually pretty good at....
Here is another one. Some passer-by felt sorry for us and offered to take our picture... So we thought, "oh! yea! that would be great!"

Here is the photo he took of us.... Seriously dude...apparently we were doing just great without your help.
We let Kayley take this picture...turned out way better than that last guys.

Ohh...and this is interesting. Kayely took this picture of me wearing those cool Kalaidoscope glasses they hand out on the way in. They were pretty disorienting.

I meant to get a pic of this last time we went... It is the EVIL-bunny. I mean, really, what is up with that scary, red, glowing eyeball?

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  1. The evil bunny picture made me laugh the most! :)


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