Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creepy - Crawlies

We went to our 3rd preschool program at the Zoo today. It was called "Creepy Crawlies." Here are some fun things we did....

They had a sand table again. Luckily Kayley did not throw sand at any other kids this time...

The sand table had small bugs, spiders, and snakes. You could look at them under a magnifying glass to see them closely.

Hey! You can see twice as better this way!!

We played with this little game. Catching bugs with a magnet is challenging.
We painted a lizard with bubble wrap.

We put together this enormous dragonfly puzzle.

We helped bugs escape the spiders web!

We touched a millipede! Here it is crawling on the back of Kayley's hand.

What's that?? know...just an enormous hissing cockroach! Ewww! Yes, we were able to "pet" the huge cockroach too.

A leopard spotted lizard.

Of course, when we were done, we always go get our free ride on the carousel. Kayley chose to ride the seahorse this time...

1 comment:

  1. The millipede part would have freaked me out! Too many legs, ew!
    Looks like a fun day.


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