Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Girl Bed!!!

Can you believe it? We have officially moved into a "big girl bed." It has been 3 nights now and we have slept comfortably in the big girl bed. We are so fortunate, we have had NO transition problems, NO wandering around the house at night, NO getting up after I put her down...I mean...NO problems. Really!

We have fallen out once during naptime...but she was already awake. She hasn't even gotten up in the mornings...she still lays in bed singing (and whining) to herself until I open her door. I ask her, "Are you ready to get up?" Kayley answers, "Ok! I'll get out this way!!" and she climbs down all by herself. Now we just need to finish with this potty training thing and she'll be all set for doing more "big girl things." (Like starting preschool!)

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad she's been so easy for you guys when it has come to any transition stages. Lets just hope she takes well to you guys getting blessed with another kiddo. I hope she'll make a good big sister to a new sibling.
    If you would like me to put together a letter to add to your profile through LDS family services I would be happy to do so. I've heard of other birth mom's doing so for their kiddo's parents.


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