Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mesa Temple Lights

I love Christmas time. There is SO much to do! We had the opportunity to go see the annual light display at the Mesa temple. It is so beautiful.

This is our third year going. I love to come here. It always reminds me of the first Christmas we lived here in Arizona. We came to the Temple to see the lights when Kayley was 5 months old. She was so small and sweet. I put her in a front pack carrier (snugli thing) where she could face out and see the lights. It was so cold I put the carrier on first, then my jacket and zipped her up inside. You could see her little head sticking out of the neck of my jacket. I wish I had a picture of that. I just remember walking around, gazing at the lights and enjoying the feel of my baby's peachy fuzz hair as it brushed my cheeks and chin. I could plant little kissed on her head while we walked around enjoying the display. When I close my eyes I can still smell her sweet baby scent. Sigh... I'm misty-eyed now. Time flies so fast and I can't believe what a big girl I have now. We are so blessed.

Kayley really enjoyed the lights again this year. Last year we put her in a Kelty backpack and carried her around...she thought it was a blast. This was the first year she was able to walk around. She was looking around so much she kept running into stuff, tripping over her own feet, and falling off the sidewalk.

Hey! No puddles!!

Mommy and Kayley looking at the life size Mary and Joseph.Merry Christmas...

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