Friday, December 12, 2008

Las Noches de las Luminarias & Chihuli, the Nature of Glass

Tonight we had the opportunity to go to The Desert Botanical Gardens to see their Holiday display called Las Noches de las Luminarias. We had never been, but heard it was worth seeing. Tickets sell out early, believe it or not, I bought these tickets back in September!

We were excited that our good friends Justin and Katherine were able to go with us as well. Here we are taking a self portrait before we head in!

They had those little "flaming bags" (luminaries) set up. It was really neat, I have never been to anything like this before...

I struggled with taking pictures in the camera just wasn't fast enough...
Here we are!

"Candle in there!" Kayley kept telling us over and over. She wanted to look in all the bags...
Me and Katherine.

The Botanical Gardens has a special exhibit running right now too, which was very interesting. It is called, "Chihuly: The Nature of Glass." The world-famous artist/architect, Dale Chihuly, is known for these really unique glass sculptures. My camera cannot even do these justice, and I can't remember what each of these are called, but here are some neat pictures of what we saw.


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  1. They have a really big "Dale Chihuly" piece on display in the Utah Symphony Orchestra hall here in Salt Lake City right now. Apparently it's been here since the Olympics because they're so hard to move (gee... I can't imagine why...)

    Looks like you got to see some pretty cool stuff there.
    Was there any info anywhere on how long it takes to make one of those really big sculptures? I'm curious to know.

    By the way, looking at the last photo I would say that Kayley's starting to look a lot like her grandmother (not my mom). I'll see if I can track down a picture some time to show you.
    I don't know where I put your letter from her 2nd birthday with your e-mail address in it... so if you want to leave me a comment with it on there I'll just e-mail the pic if/when I find or get one.


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