Monday, August 10, 2015

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

We had a fun weekend finishing out our Civil War studies with a trip to Wilson's Creek National Battlefield!  They were having reenactments and it was a PERFECT timing!  The girls, of course, decided to dress up (until it got too hot and they were grateful it was the modern days and they could shed those dreadful bonnets and hot dresses!)

The cannon firing was too loud for Maggie so we ended up hanging out it the car working on her Junior Ranger book.

One fellow was so impressed by Kayley's knowledge and inquisitiveness that he gave a button off of a Union uniform.  They used those as trade items during the war.

We took a selfie (or tried to anyway) in front of the Selfie Board...

And at the end the girls were sworn in as a Jr. Ranger and earned a patch from Wilson's Creek to add to their collection!

We had a great time and really locked in the Civil War experience by living it! 

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