Friday, August 14, 2015

What We Read This Week....

We have had a pretty quiet week.  I think we enjoyed a bit slower pace this week after all the excitement of the Civil War from the last month.  It was soon after the Civil War when the idea behind the statue of Liberty was presented to President Ulysses S. Grant.  A gift from France that symbolized Freedom, Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi hoped that by offering such a gift France would see the need for a democratic government.  It took years to build with Gustav Eiffel (who would go on to build a famous Paris landmark!) building the inner framework and Bartholdi hammering out layer upon layer of copper to build the statue.  How Lady Liberty came to be is a really fascinating story and we really enjoyed learning about her!

We read:

We even enjoyed a fun experiment where we turned our own copper green!

Kayley's reader this week is Lily and Miss Liberty...

Maggie's is the Statue of Liberty...

 The girls are also working on a fun lap book that I 
downloaded FREE!  

We also finished up our biography about Monet and then enjoyed this little picture book:

As for me...I am working through Simply Charlotte Mason's Laying Down the Rails today...  More of a reference book and not a straight read-through but it is a helpful tool in teaching you how to teach good habits to your kids (and yourself). 

I haven't had time for extra reading this week.  It's been busy!  
Thanks for reading!

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