Friday, August 7, 2015

What We Are Reading This Week...

This week went by entirely too fast!  We finished up our studies in the Civil War and have turned our attention to Reconstruction.  The girls completed their History Pockets and they turned out great!  I'll have to upload some pictures!

This week was kind of an off-week for us...  We tried reading from Story of the World and it was just too heavy and confusing.  So we tried reading from BiblioPlan's Companion and couldn't really track the people and events well there either...  We looked through Hakim's the Story of US and it was about "congressional reconstruction" and the girls instantly glazed over.  (me too.)  So...we ended up sticking with one read aloud and just a couple of readers for the girls and called it a slow week...  Things will pick up next week when we learn about the Statue of Liberty and the week after when we begin learning about the Transcontinental Railroad and Western Migration!

Our read-aloud for this week is 40 Acres and Maybe a Mule...and a teeny-bopper Sunfire Romance called Jennie (don't judge!).  Seriously, Jennie is a story about the Johnstown flood.  It is historically accurate and very clean (teeny-bopper romance from the 80s).  I know, I know, Charlotte Mason is flipping over in her grave right now...  Seriously though, I remember reading this book in maybe, junior high, and it stuck with me all this time so it did something right!  

40 Acres is a story about 3 young slaves who, once they discover they are free, run away to get their 40 Acres and a Mule...

Kayley's reading for this week was And They Were Strong and Good and Wagon Wheels.

Maggie's reading for this week was Wagon Wheels and she started reading The Beginners Bible.  (This one should take her a while!)

As for me, I am still working my way through Say Goodbye to Complaining....  I slowed down a lot when James and I decided it would be better for us to read it together.  (We have also implemented an awesome kids "honor club" curriculum with it as part of our FHE!!  So good!)  I needed something light this week so I could focus on a few other things so I am reading Shopping For time.  This has been on my shelf since 2013, unread, because that's the way this Bibliophile rolls!


Anyway--there it is!  Our reading for the week...  Not terribly ambitious but still keeping us busy.  ;)

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