Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our Morning Basket

I got this great idea for a Charlotte Mason style "morning basket" from a wonderful blog called Wildflowers and Marbles.  She described the morning basket as a way to "anchor your day" by taking subjects that can be done together a in a gentle way.  The basket would contain things that are "ageless" and could stand alone if needed.  Morning basket would need to remain fluid and will always be changing items as the needs of your family changes.  

Now we will never have a LARGE family by any means but the idea of having certain things that are ageless that they girls can work through together were very appealing to me, so I took this idea of the morning basket and we have been very happy with it!  We started out very simply with an artist study!

We began with these great portfolios from Simply Charlotte Mason.  They contain 8 over-sized art prints plus a guide book that includes a bio of the artist, some great questions to ask your kids to help them really gain familiarity with the picture and with the artist and his style.  We started with Monet!

Next we read a couple of different picture books to get us learning more and more about Monet and Impressionism.

Then my girls began to love Monet and my girls actually ASKED for me to read more about the artist and his family...  So we read another "big head" book...

Once we had our artist study rolling smoothly we added poetry.  We used another Simply Charlotte Mason product as a jumping-off point...We chose Robert Louis Stevenson.  These little books also contain a bio and recommended schedule to enjoy slowly reading through the poems...

And just for fun, we have been reading A Child's Garden of Verses (an illustrated version).

Once we had Artists and Poetry rolling along we added Getting Started With Latin.  This is a great little, 1 short lesson per day, type of book.  We have worked through some more rigorous Latin programs in the past (Prima and Latin For Children) and we just burned out.  Rather than drop Latin completely we have decided (based on a recommendation from, you guessed it, Simply Charlotte Mason) we will be using this book for a while.  We are only a couple of lessons in and I'll have to report back on what our thoughts are!

What's next for our morning basket?  I am not sure?  You'll notice there are no scriptures in our morning basket.  That is because I really haven't found a nice bite sized way to incorporate those yet.  We do scripture reading at night but I do want to add something that fits into our morning as well.

We have really enjoyed this morning basket.  We actually do it after lunch but "lunch basket" sounds a picnic!  So for now we just keep calling it "basket."  Time for the "basket."  LOL.  I think it needs a name.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into some of our studies. 

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