Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Light For My Path {Mosaic Review}

As part of the Mosaic Reviews team we had an opportunity to review a new product from Apologia called A Light For My Path: An ABC Book Based on Psalm 119 written by Davis Carman and illustrated by Alice Ratterree.  We currently use Apologia's elementary science and have used several products in the past as well so it was great to review something from Apologia that was a little bit different.

A Light For My Path is geared toward a younger audience (preschoolers) but a delight for bigger kids  (my 3rd grader enjoyed it as well!).  It introduces both the English alphabet (all 26 letters) and 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Designed to introduce God's word into the hearts of young and old alike A Light For My Path brings the wonders of God's creations through Psalm 119.   Each letter is gorgeously introduced and decorated with animals and other beautiful creatures.

The introductory material gives the parent or teacher some tips on how to use the book and author, David Carman describes the books purpose as 4-fold.  First, read while cuddling with your child to bond with them.  Next, it helps children learn the letters of the alphabet both upper case and lower case and an animal that starts with that sound and a precept from God that also starts with that letter.  Finally, it is meant to help children learn a love and reverence for God and His creations.

This is not a small book, 80 pages of beautiful illustrations.  My kids enjoyed this book as we cuddled up on the couch and I found my older daughter reading it to my youngest several times.  The consistent "God's word, law, statutes, decrees, and precepts are..." were catchy and my 3 year old could "read" the book by herself after listening to it a few times.  

Each page also has an animal "follow you" from one page to the next, my kids had fun finding the animal that jumped onto the next page!  The last pages introduce the Hebrew alphabet and Psalm 119. Overall this cute book would be a welcome addition to any preschool library helping your child learn the alphabet AND God's word.

A Light For My Path retails for $14.00 and can be purchased on Apologia's website.  If you'd like to see a little bit more you can check out these sample pages.  Several of my teammates at Mosaic also reviewed a copy of this book.  You can read their reviews at!

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