Friday, October 11, 2013

SHAME ON YOU! Rowan Forest Homeschool!

Apparently I have some creepy friends at Rowan Forest Homeschool who have been stealing my blog content and claiming it as their own since 2009.  Mostly review product links but a handful that actually includes pictures of my children, my husband and myself. There are no links on their site that allow you to contact them, pretty clever and sneaky.  Nor are there any ways to leave comments on their postings.  I'm not sure what they hope to gain through their copyright infringement, I am a small blogger...or maybe that is why they chose to steal from me, assuming they wouldn't get caught.  And, they've gotten away with it for 5 years now.  I guess it worked.  

But it is WrOnG!
It is illegal!

Rowan Forest Homeschool!

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