Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kayley is Moving on Up!

Kayley keeps moving on up in swimming lessons going from Beginner II to Beginner III, then to Intermediate I all in the last 4 weeks.  She is having so much fun that when I had thought to take the winter off I couldn't bear to take a chance on having her lose we stuck around and I put Maggie in lessons too.  I'm amazed at how well Kayley does in the water.  She has a very relaxed swim now, no more gasping for air, coughing/spluttering, and I don't feel so stressed out sitting pool side that I'll need to offer rescue breathing or scoop her out with that big hook!  LOL.  She started learning free-style this week and working on getting more stamina...she had to swim her first "lap."  She was so tired and hungry when she was done.  I am so proud of her!  We love our teacher Kayla (who is also Maggie's teacher).  If you are local and looking for a place for lessons I super-highly-totally recommend DiVentures!  

Maggie is doing well too, this week was her 3rd lesson and she is not afraid of the water, she is very trusting of her teacher and is willing to do whatever Kayla asks her to do.  Another Mom sitting next to me made the comment "Boy, she is just smiling all the time."  She is loving her swim lessons too!  She is the only little girl in her class, the smallest, youngest and the newest as well but I think she will do great!

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