Thursday, October 10, 2013

Swimming Lessons Update...

Kayley has been in swimming lessons for several months now and she has really taken to it like a fish!  She loves it and she is progressing nicely.... Her teacher is wonderful and so patient.  While the classes can hold up to 4 kids it has just been Kayley and one other little girl- who is also a homeschooler - who also turned 7 in July!  She loves having a little friend in her class and they are both advanced enough that they can often be in the water at the same time.  With only 2 kids that makes their swimming lesson a great deal for the $ we pay!  It is basically a semi-private lesson for the price of a group. 


Deep enough?   Yes, you are reading that right, 
Kayley is swimming past the 14 foot marker.
I try really hard not to hyperventilate while she is swimming 
but sometimes I tend to hold my breath!
I think somehow I am trying to "help."  LOL!
 I'm glad she is doing great and loving it!

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