Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fired Up by Mary Connealy {Bethany House Review}

Finally!!  I don't know if you remember my review of Swept Away by Mary Connealy?  You can read about it here if you want, but- just as a way of reminding you, here is how I ended that review:
I enjoyed Swept Away but I have to tell you:  In this story, Ruthie and Luke were not my biggest concern after we meet two other characters: Dare and Glynna.  I was a lot more concerned about what would happen to them than I was with Ruthie and Luke.  Hey, guess what?  Of course Mary Connealy leaves you hanging at the end!  LOL.  If you want to know what happens to Dare and Glynna, you will have to hold out (impatiently like me!) for Book 2.
Hooray!  Book 2 from the Trouble in Texas series is finally here!  You know you dearly want to know what happens to Dare and Glynna.  I'll give you a taste of what happens in Fired Up...

Widow, Glynna, came out west, as a mail-order bride.  Hoping to find a better life than the drunk, abusive man she was married to, she found herself, again married to a man who used his fists to get his point across.  Now that Flint was also dead (Glynna jokingly refers to herself as the black widow), she makes a promise to herself and her children that she will never put them in that situation again.  Glynna is determined to provide for herself and her kids by running a diner.  Nevermind the fact that her cooking is terrible...  When Dare Riker is intrigued by Glynna and finds himself trying to stomach her cooking (as well as the rest of the eligible men in town) in an effort to be close to her.  But, after an avalanche, a fire, and a stabbing nearly ends his life he begins to wonder who is trying to keep him from getting close to her.  And why?

Another fabulous, clean, romantic read from Mary Connealy that....YES...leaves you hanging at the end and makes you want to know what will happen to Tina & Vince?  And what about Jonas?  I think it is possible we will be seeing at another book or 2 coming in this series.  ;)

Disclaimer:  I received Fired Up free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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