Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Honey Heaven - Friday Field Trip!

I had been wanting to do this for a long time...start going on some Friday Field Trips.  I've seen other bloggers do something similar and it looks like a lot of fun!  I'm hoping we can get an opportunity to do this once a month.  It works out great because Daddy has Fridays as half-days and he can come along too.  

Right now in science we are using Apologia's Exploring Days of Creation with Botany.  For all the Apologia isn't very nice to Latter-day Saints (they have since apologized) I couldn't bear to part with our science curriculum.  It is THAT good. Botany we were studying pollination and it suggested that, if we can, we should learn more about bees.  

So, we headed into town and took a tour of Honey Heaven and Bee-stro.

Honey Heaven is a small company that is a cute little restaurant and gift shop.  They also have a small working beehive encased in class right in their store!  You can schedule a tour (it is $3.00 per person) and get a full lesson on bees and honey.  If you don't want the tour you can come look at the beehive anytime.  

We had a chance to sample honey (YUM!) and Kayley tried on some bee-keeper wear.   (Maggie was very intimidated by all the bees and ended up waiting on a little couch the majority of the visit).  You can even buy pollen in jars. As part of our tour the kids also got honey sticks.  The tour was fun, the people were friendly and we learned a LOT about bees!  If you want to go, Honey Heaven is on South Campbell in strip mall behind Andys.  (Yeah, because we gauge all of our destinations here on where to find the nearest Andys!)


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