Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kansas City

It seems like I never find the time to sit down and update much anymore.  I have never gotten back into a groove after our move and not being on the TOS Crew anymore keeps blogging further back in my mind I think.  I keep thinking I'm going to do better and then the next thing I know - 2 or 3 weeks have gone by with NO update...   I'm working on that!  I promise!
 Anyway, last week we headed up to Kansas City.  We had to meet up with our adoption caseworker.  We are still slowly working on our homestudy and heading toward the adoption process.  Yes, I know it has been over a year since we started this process...  I'm not sure why we are moving so slow?  I guess we are just not feeling a sense of urgency?  But, that is a blog posting for another time.  This week we went to Kansas City, met up with our caseworker and then made an afternoon of it.

LDS Family Services in Independence is within walking distance of the visitors center.  Since there was nothing to do for the kids but wait, I walked down with them to the visitors center while James had his personal interview.  (Poor guy, he waited in the waiting room for me while I had mine.  I heard the kids cried over sharing the iPad and then had to have a time out...)  Anyway, the vistors center in Independence is really amazing.  They had a play area that made passing the time very pleasant.  A small playhouse, covered wagon, a "well", a chicken coop, etc had the girls role-playing "pioneer children" for an hour.

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