Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ashes on the Moor {Proper Romance}

I just adore every Proper Romance that Shadow Mountain has published!  And, I have really enjoyed author Sarah M. Eden...  I tend to start reading her book and then just can't put it down.  I'm excited to share that her newest book is no exception!   
Ashes on the Moor is another just-can't-put-it-down read!

In Ashes on the Moor, Evangeline Blake and her sister are all that remains of their strong, loving family.  As her aunt and uncle arrive to charge of the girls they discover, to their horror, that her sister will be sent to live with their domineering and angry grandfather, while Evangeline must earn her own way by becoming a school teacher in the impoverished town.  

Devastated at being separated from her sister, hurt by being thrown into the working class, Evangeline arrives at the town school discovering that the building is completely inhabitable.  Having been raised as a genteel lady, Evangeline is anxious and overwhelmed.  She doesn't have the first idea how to cook.  She doesn't have any food to cook.  She can't fix the things wrong with the building.  Not that it mattered, she has no tools.  She has no cleaning supplies.  Not even a bed to sleep on...or blankets to cover herself.

  But she MUST succeed.  
To succeed brings the hope that she can bring her sister there to live with her.

Not giving in to defeat, Evangeline turns to the one person who can help her:  Grumpy and quiet Dermot McCormick.  Even though he seems terribly inconvenienced by helping her...help her he does and very slowly a tentative friendship begins to grow.  Evangeline's heart is tugged by Dermot's quiet little boy and she is anxious to help him...  If only she knew how.  

I can't tell you much more without starting to give away spoilers, so you will just have to read the book to find out what happens to Evangeline and Dermot!   

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Disclaimer:  Thank you so much for the chance to review Ashes on the Moor.  I was given the advanced reader edition free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.  :)

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