Monday, April 16, 2018

Homeschool Safety Week {Field Trip!}

We decided to take some time off last week to enjoy a Homeschool Safety Week!  We had a great time...  We used The Good & The Beautiful Safety Unit as a jumping off point and discussed the importance of everything from Internet Safety to Stranger Danger and Fire/Evacuation, etc. 
The Jenny Phillips units have been great for all ages and the .pdf download is only $10! 

Thanks to Papa for being instrumental in the Fire Safety day!  
(No children were harmed in these activities...LOL)
After intense lecture we went out "into the field" to test our skills.

Each girl needed to feel confident about getting their window open, screen removed, and escaping from their room.  Kayley is on a 2nd floor so this was a little tough, but once she was out the window, she kicked off successfully and landed quite comfortable on the ground.  We really felt that, in the event of a true emergency, she would know with certainty that she COULD do it. . 

Maggie's was a bit easier but still exciting to give it a try... 

They also had to escape the house blindfolded (smoke) and get to the front door.   

We also discussed propane and natural gas and had them give it a sticky whiff so they would know what they were smelling. 

We finished out our week with a trip to Springfield's Annual Safe Kids Day expo...

We learned about putting babies "back to sleep" with Mercy. 

Identifying chemicals and drugs from candy and juice.  
It was tougher than you would think!

We goofed off with the highway patrol... 

Learned about electrical line safety... 

And toured an ambulance.   

Learned basic CPR.

I didn't get nearly enough pictures, but we had a great time and enjoyed a week of learning about the importance of being safe!

Thanks for Swinging By!

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