Sunday, March 11, 2018

Goodbye February! Hello March!

It's crazy how fast time flies.  Sadly, I don't blog as much when I do not have deadlines to meet.  I enjoy participating in the TOS Crew because it encouraged me to blog a lot more...  I didn't go back for this season because...oddly enough...I was having trouble blogging as often as I should.  LOL.

Well, February is done and gone, but here are a few highlights of our month!

My nature girl enjoyed getting outside and doing some of her favorite things... she started constructing a native american longhouse... 

And even found an arrowhead in our backyard!

She made this Algonquin purse-thing as part of her history project.
We have made a switch back to Heart of Dakota for the rest of the year, but that is a long story...and I'll save it for another blog post.

Maggie still works diligently at piano, practicing often and without prompting.
It's awesome! 

In our Literature Studies the girls both did hilarious interviews of book characters... 

Kayley built a glider in science that actually flew! 

We also enjoyed our poetry tea at the beginning of March!
We did a Dr. Seuss theme.

Crazy hats were essential. 

We also stepped out last Saturday and did a road clean up with our neighbors!

These cows thought we were crazy and stood there and moo'd at us for quite a while.

In Maggie's history lesson (also Heart of Dakota) we learned how the pioneers pulled their wagons up and down the mountains.  It must've been really challenging! 

I do believe that catches us up a bit.  
Thanks for swinging by!

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