Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Even This {Book Review}

I have really enjoyed every book I have read by Emily Belle Freeman.  She has written some amazing  devotional books that I love reading again and again, especially during the holidays.  A few of our favorites are: A Christ-Centered Home, A Christ-Centered Easter, and A Christ-Centered Christmas.  They have been fantastic and I have used the Christmas book 2 years in a row now for planning my Christmas lesson in Relief Society!  So, I was excited to get another Emily Belle Freeman book to review called Even This: Getting to the Place Where You Can Trust God With Anything...

Even This invites readers to make room for daily personal experiences with God. From the very first page readers will walk down a spiritual path meant to remind each of us that God will meet us in the unexpected, bringing His goodness, giving us cause to trust, reminding us of His capacity. Filled with deeply personal stories about holding onto belief, daring to trust, and longing for understanding, Even This chronicles one woman's quest to find God in the everyday moments-with one of the most powerful experiences taking place as she searches for sea shells while walking on the beach-and provides many opportunities for individual introspection. -Yes, God is good and He can be trusted, - Freeman concludes, -and it is the daily discovery of these truths that has the potential to become the greatest journey of a life and lead us closer to Him.-

In Even This, Emily Belle Freeman shares stories her time as a newlyweds when she and her husband  discovered that he had a large, fast growing, brain tumor.  Hospitals, biopsies, surgeries...  It was a time where she felt terrified and prayed fervently to God...  But, through her prayers, she heard nothing.  She felt completely abandoned by God and the feelings of desperation that stemmed from her unanswered prayers left her faith shaken.  She wondered, in anguish, "Where is God" in her time of trial?  Where is He when bad things are happening to good people?  This book is filled with personal stories and inspiring messages that answer this big question.

This book also answers the question of how you can get to the place where you can trust God with anything...even your worst trials.  This book is also a bit different than most of Freeman's books and does not have the hymns, recommended scriptures to read, and a challenge to consider.  I have come to love the format of her previous books that I anticipated this to be similar and was a little disappointed.  What she does have is what she calls "The Reflecting Place" throughout the book and while not a devotional or challenge per se, it does give you some insight into how she conquered her fears and gathered strength to face her weaknesses.  It includes scriptures that helped her through and a mantra to help you focus on your journey.  It still gives you points to ponder and a personal challenge to focus on, which is something I have come to love about Freeman's books.  

Even This would make a great Christmas gift or just an anytime gift, especially for someone who is struggling with one of life's biggest questions: Where is God in my times of trials?

Disclaimer:  I received this book, free-of-charge, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.   Thank you for swinging by!


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