Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Science Experiments with Water {The Good & The Beautiful}

One thing we have really been enjoying about The Good & The Beautiful - Water science curriculum is the hands-on components.  We have wrapped up our study of water and looking back there have been some really fun experiments.  Here are a couple of our favorites!

We used a pipette to determine exactly how many drops of water you can fit on a penny. 
It was in the 30s!  

We also learned about erosion by spraying several different types of dirt with water to see how each was affected...  This made a little bit of a muddy mess but was worth it. 

We also did this experiment to show how salt water is more dense than regular water.  

We also assembled a terrarium.  Sealed tightly, all the water the plant needs will stay inside and consistently complete the water cycle and keep itself alive and healthy.  Our plant has been surviving in the terrarium for several weeks now!


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