Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Compassionate Soldier {Book Review}

Compassionate Soldier illuminates some of the most fascinating and yet largely unknown stories of men and women whose humanity led them to perform courageous acts of mercy and compassion amid the chaos and carnage of war. Arranged by war from the American Revolution to the Iraq War and global in perspective, it features extraordinary stories of grace under fire from valiant soldiers and noncombatants who rose above the inhumanity of lethal conflict and chose compassion, even knowing their actions could put their lives and liberty at risk.

Let me start by saying, I am NOT the kind of person who is interested in war stories, battles, soldiers, etc.  My family will vouch for me when I share that I have always found "war stories" and even air shows to be a little boring.  I nearly turned down the opportunity to review this book, but I'm glad that I went for it!  It was very different than what I expected and what an interesting read this was!  Compassionate Soldier, the Remarkable True Stories of Mercy, Heroism, and Honor from the Battlefield by Jerry Borrowman, focused in on the true stories of generosity and mercy that was demonstrated in the midst of war by brave men and women when it was unexpected, definitely not required, and in many cases, dangerous!  

Each chapter presents a biography of an individual who exhibited compassion when faced with the horror of the battlefield.  From the famous George Washington & Captain Ferguson in the Revolutionary War to the relatively unknown Shawn McKinnon in the conflicts in Iraq, each person exemplifies the characteristics of a TRUE hero!
Each person is truly an inspiration!

Compassionate Soldier was a fantastic read!  It will be such an asset to our homeschool this year!  I plan to save this book and visit it often in our history studies!  It is incredible to find such stories of beauty in the midst of something awful...  

Compassionate Soldier is available in both hardcover and audio book from your favorite retailer!  If you are studying American History or enjoy "war stories" then this book is a must-read!

Disclaimer:  I received Compassionate Soldier free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.  Thank you for swinging by!

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