Monday, July 20, 2015

What We are Reading this Week...

I am a book lover.  I like to read books.  I like to have books.  I like to buy books.  I like to gaze fondly upon books.  I especially like the smell of a book.  (eReaders have not worked well for me-it just doesn't smell as wonderful).  My favorite place to visit is a bookstore...and not just any book store, I prefer a good used bookstore, full of used paperbacks, cheap pictures books, and delightful out-of-print hidden treasures!  Fortunately my kids have both inherited this obsessive desire for books and we probably value reading most in our homeschool!

Today I thought I would share what we are reading this week and you can get a feel for how voracious both my kiddos and I are and maybe you will walk away thinking we are slightly nuts.

First of all, we are using BiblioPlan for our history studies.  This is our 3rd year in a row using BiblioPlan and I think the thing that I enjoy about it most is the flexibility.  It gives you a LOT of book choices plus the ability to replace, add, detract books without affecting the quality of the program.  We are studying Modern History this year...  Our entire homeschool really revolves around history studies and literature with other subjects (science, language arts) always enhancing or complementing history.

Right now we are focusing on the American Civil War, which is such an interesting time period!  We have been primarily using Hakim's History of US as a spine and a jump-off point.  It is recommended for grades 5+ and some of it I've had to explain but it really has been the best text I've found so far.

This week Maggie is reading:

Kayley is reading:

The Civil War is a choose your own adventure reader and they are really awesome!  We have several of these and often enjoy them as a read aloud!  The girls take turns picking the path we follow and we go back and start over and over again to choose a different path.

Read Alouds:

We usually have 2-3 read aloud going at one time...
We read one in the evening when Daddy is home:

And one in the afternoon with just the girls:
 We also really LOVE the "Big Head" book series...  They are a nice biography that Maggie can understand pretty easily.

We are also reading from:
This is pretty interesting as it focuses on how the Civil War was the first war to have so much "advanced technology" and new, modern conveniences like the telegraph and Pinkerton's Secret Service Agents.

Now, of course, I love to read and learn too so I typically choose one reader that is a level above Kayley in history and 2nd book to read that is just for me.  So this week I am reading:


We sure love reading.  My kids can devour books pretty quickly and sometimes it is a struggle to keep up with them!  I am always on the lookout for good books...feel free to leave a suggestion!  Thanks for visiting today.  :)

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