Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kansas City - Crown Center *Birthday Weekend!*

We had such a good weekend!  It was so nice to get away just for a little while.  Since Saturday was my birthday and Sunday was Kayley's birthday we decided to run off to Kansas City for the weekend and spend time at Crown Center!  We stayed at the Westin - which is so convenient!  You just go down the elevator and you are already in Crown Center.  No driving all weekend!  

We went to Sea Life and spent an hour or so at the aquarium!



From there we headed to Kaleidoscope...sponsored by Hallmark.  You get in for about 45 minutes and it is art stations.  Kids do a bunch of projects.  Best part?  It is FREE.


Then we quickly visited the Hallmark Visitor Center and learned a little about the history of greeting cards...

And enjoyed getting a bow out of the bow machine.

We hit the Crayola store where we stocked up on Crayons. 

Then enjoyed lunch at the Crayola Cafe where art was encouraged on your placemat!

From there we visited the Lego Discovery Center.

You could find out how many Lego bricks you weigh.

 They had rides!

We enjoyed dinner at Fritz's.  
Where a train chugs overhead and drops food off at your table.

Here comes our food!

We walked over to Union Station, which was mostly closed but still beautiful to look at!

The view from our hotel.

Time to head home!

We did celebrate Kayley's birthday with cake and ice cream on Sunday night so she did get to blow out candles and open presents...  I'll upload those pictures next time.  :)

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