Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book Adventure

Since our favorite history program doesn't come with specific guides for the literature reading we have gotten creative in finding ways to test our knowledge.  I do think it is nice not to be locked into using only one particular book in order to answer the questions or fill in a worksheet...  but, the downside is that it does leave me trying to decide how to check my girls for reading comprehension.  Sometimes I just have them narrate what they have read, write a paragraph (Kayley), draw a picture or just tell me one thing they thought was really interesting about that chapter...

But!  For fun we have started using nifty website called Book Adventure to take little literature quizzes!

Book Adventure is FREE and offers kids a fun way to take quizzes on books they read using the Quiz-O-Matic!  After setting up a login you can search for books.

Type in the book you are interested in quizzing and chance are, it is already in there!

Take the 10 question quiz to test for comprehension...

As the kids take the quizzes and scores well, they earn points to "buy" things in the Prize Library!

The Prize Library has quite a few different things that that the kids can cash in their points in exchange for coupons, magazine subscriptions, downloads, etc.

It's simple but effective in testing for knowledge level comprehension of the books they have read.  Of course, nothing beats narration but my girls have both found Book Adventure to be a lot of fun!

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