Sunday, April 5, 2015

Real Moms {Deseret Book Review}

I didn’t have gold shoes, and I didn’t have time to go shopping, but I thought I could just spray-paint some heels I owned that I never really wore. I spray-painted them and tried them out for three hours at church where they held up perfectly. I felt pretty good about myself. “Suckers who buy gold shoes when they could just spray-paint them,” I thought, congratulating myself for my frugality and my foresight for testing them out. 
As moms, we improvise. We get along. We make things work. And we make a lot of things up as we go along because, let’s face it, no manual is ever going to cover all the bases a real mom needs to touch. But if laughter and perspective and a renewed energy to face the day are what you’re after—if you too are a “real mom”—this is the book for you!
I am a real mom.  How about you?  While I've never gone so far as to spray paint myself a pair of gold shoes I have gone so far as to make things work with household items like tape and safety pins.  Some thing have worked out and some, well, not so much.  But isn't that what motherhood is all about?  Making things up as we go.  There is not one single right way to do everything and sometimes we just have to improvise, substitute or DIY.

In this book Real Moms: Making it Up as We Go, Lisa Valentine Clark (remember her?  from Pretty Darn Funny?), shares the ups and down of being the Mom.  Complete with rants and "side rants." Lisa offers the reader a humorous and insightful look at Mommyhood.  I found myself laughing along with her foibles and nodding my head yes emphatically over the things NOT to say!  She is a real mom and she helped me discover that I am a real Mom too and that that is a great thing.

Real Moms retails at as a paperbackbookshelf eBook and an audio book!  Don't forget that Deseret Bookshelf app is free and can be downloaded to Android and iPad devices!

Disclaimer:  I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.  Thank you Deseret Book!!

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