Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Great Homeschool Convention - Cincinnati

Here in South West Missouri we have a small homeschool convention and while it is fun I have harbored this desire to go to a BIG homeschool convention.  So this year I convinced the hubby, James, to load up the kids and go to one of the Great Homeschool Conventions.  We chose Cincinnati since it was only an 8 hour drive and I heard that it was THE biggest.  (Yes, it was go big or go home!)  Anyway, it was AMAZING.  There had to have been 200 vendors there and at least a dozen conference speakers running simultaneously.

The girls attended Giant Cow, the kids conference.  Their first day there was a fire and the kids had to evacuate the building.  The staff kept the kids calm and organized and did a great job!  Both girls had a blast and really want to go back again (this isn't something that they offer here at our small conference)

We were a bit star-struck to meet several homeschool "celebrities" like Dr. Christopher Perrin from Classical Academic Press...

And Mr. Demme from Math-U-See!  
(Please excuse Maggie - she is still shy around strangers and was hiding behind Daddy)

The vendors were fun and friendly...we tried out instruments and got a ton of freebies!

And....we tried Cincinnati Chili.  It was yummmmmy!  I have GOT to learn how to make it!

Overall the convention was so fun!  We had such a great time and while I said something to the affect of "oh...this is probably the only time we will do this" I have to admit...that I may have to convince the hubby to go again next year!  :)

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