Monday, October 27, 2014

Cahokia Indian Mounds {On Tour With the Founding Fathers}

We had a chance to go on vacation!  I know right!?  How exciting!
My parents live in Virginia and we have been studying American History this year so I had wanted to go out there to really see some history first hand.  So far we have Indians, Columbus, Jamestown, Pilgrims, and up through the Revolutionary War and we wanted to learn more about the Founding Fathers, colonial days and so, our vacation was really a lot more like an Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip!  

We left on a sunny Saturday morning, pretty early because we wanted to stop at Cahokia Indian Mounds just east of St. Louis.  

It was pretty interesting.  We watched a video about the native people who settled Cahokia, learned about how they lived, what they wore (which wasn't much!), even what kinds of things they did for fun!  

The girls got an Ocarina as a cool souvenir!

A mound in the distance.

Indian Village.

From here we drove through the rest of the weekend until we made it to Grandma and Papa's house!  Here Maggie is enjoying eating her "Prinkles."  (Pringles are the ultimate field trip travel food!)

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