Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stratford Hall & George Washington's Birthplace {On Tour With the Founding Fathers}

So, to continue our cool tour with the founding fathers we went to Stratford Hall.  This is the birthplace of Robert E. Lee, but before Civil War this was home to the Lee's of Virginia, 2 signers of the constitution!  They lived in a schmancy plantation with a beach that opened up to the Potomac river.  Now, this place was super cool because you could walk right out onto the beach and after a little searching you could find fossilized shark teeth!

Shark Teeth!

Kayley found this dead (we think) jellyfish!

Stratford Hall

We would Not have been good Coopers.  Barrel building was tough!

Carding wool was a little bit easier...

George Washington's Birthplace National Park.

The foundation of the Washington House

Walking the foundation of Washington House. 

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