Friday, October 31, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg {On Tour With the Founding Fathers}

We spent a full day exploring Colonial Williamsburg.  If you ask the girls, they'd tell you that the best part of that day was getting to dress as a colonial girl!  You can rent costumes at the visitors center for a fee (and a hefty deposit) and they can spend the day wearing the cute costumes and interacting with the actors in the town.

Grinding something...  I'm not sure what. 

A Yoke of Oxen.

Print shop.


And here is how you go potty in jail.  Ewww!

Maggie is shackled.

In the stocks...Maggie was a little to short and needed some help.

Poor Grandma and Papa.

Ok girls, we'll pick you up at 5 o'clock!

The armory.

Getting tired.

The gardens.

They gave the kids an adventure map and after they visited several places they earned a pin!

Sitting on the steps of George Wythe's house.  
He was a mentor to Thomas Jefferson and a lawyer who lived in Williamsburg.

Exhausted is setting in!

Look!  I was there too.  LOL.

We finished the night by eating at Huzzah's.  
They have a great kids menu where the kids can assemble their own pizzas!

I would highly recommend a day at Colonial Williamsburg.  
It was a bit pricey, but worth every penny!

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