Thursday, October 2, 2014

Speaking of Maggie...

Maggie has this funny thing about her.  She can't make the "sssssss" sound.  It is interesting, when she tries to make that sound, it goes up through her nasal cavity, and comes out her nose...a little like she's blowing or laughing.  We didn't worry much about it, but now as she has gotten older, we realized it was too much work and she began dropping the s completely.  We decided to work with her a little more.  I would correct her now and again and she'd always get frustrated with me, so I'd leave her alone.  Eventually we decided that we should probably get professional help, so Maggie started working with Occupational Therapy at Mercy doing Speech.  They have been great and Maggie has had a good time with Miss Elizabeth.  They have fun activities to help the kids.  A S-s-s-swing and a S-s-s-slide!  She also usually gets a S-s-s-snack.  

Speech is in the main Mercy hospital.  My kids find the spinning door at the front entrance very fascinating.  Plus we get to ride an elevator.  We usually pass up some poor soul being wheeled around in a bed which creeps yet fascinates the kids.  

The waiting room is pretty boring and Kayley has to come along but she brings her LeapPad Ultra and we have fun playing Pet Chat and other games.  

Well, Maggie doesn't get as annoyed with Miss Elizabeth as she does with me and she is making better progress.  I hope that we don't have to go to speech for very long but it'll be 2x's a week for a while...  That is quite a few trips into town but hopefully it'll work!

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