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Reading Eggs Review & FREE TRIAL! {Mosaics Review}

My kids are seriously computer savvy.  We LOVE learning online and have taken quite a tour of many different online programs in the past finding so many wonderful qualities in each one.  But some of the programs we love more than others and I was really excited to get an opportunity to review Reading Eggs with Maggie!  Now that she is 4 she is really making it clear that she wants to do school too and finding a simple online program has been such a fun way to get her feet wet in computer-based learning.  Thank you so much to Reading Eggs and the Mosaics Reviews team for giving us an opportunity to review this product!

What is Reading Eggs?
Reading Eggs has made it their mission to make learning to read fun and enjoyable for your children.  It is easy to use and its virtual world encourages kids to learn...and they don't even realize that they are doing it!  They think they are just having fun and playing games!  There are 120 learn-to-read lessons and 96 spelling lessons on Reading Eggs that are perfect for kids about ages 3 to 7.

Reading Eggs also offers a reading program for older children for children who have completed the Reading Eggs program or who are reading for early chapter books as well as a newer program called Mathseed for Math!  We were given a free trial to Reading Eggs for this review and I'm really glad that I get an opportunity to share my thoughts with you as well as offer an opportunity to get a 5 week FREE trial of your own!

How Does Reading Eggs Work?
Reading Eggs is super simple to use.  Upon login your child would see this screen below.  They can enter which ever program they are wanting to work in.  Maggie, so far, has only tried Reading Eggs (although I'm hoping to try out Math Seeds with her soon because it looks really amazing!)

This opens up your childs dashboard and they choose where to go next…  I usually have Maggie complete a lesson before she can play in the Playroom, My House or Arcade.

After choosing "Lessons" it pulls up her game board.  This screenshot shows you where she is currently in her lessons.  After clicking not the bird she gets started with the program!

There are a lot of different activities.  When we logged in for the very first time it gave you the option to test your childs level so they would be placed appropriately on the game board.  We opted to just start at the beginning since Maggie had very little by way of reading/phonics skills.  She breezed through the first 20+ lessons and is finally feeling pretty challenged as now she is required to phonetically sound out some words and recognize sight words quickly.   In this activity Maggie is learning how to draw an "S."

This activity has Maggie dragging the word to the correct picture.   Honestly, she learned how to do this within a matter of a few days.  I had no idea that she could learn the phonics behind reading that fast!  And it is FUN!  Completing activities earns you golden eggs that you can spend in Reggie's Store.

This activity has Maggie spelling her own words.  Wow!  She has learned a lot and I'm surprised at how well she does!  Most of the activities are simple to manipulate but still challenging.  Maggie has learned a ton of sight words and can recognize them in different settings as well as increased her grasp of phonics and discovering how they string together to make words.

Now, there are two activities that have really caused some frustration…one of them is this one.  You have to stack up those falling bricks.  This requires you to either click the left and right arrows to match them up or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.  Maggie is just not quite coordinated enough that when the bricks are close to the top…she can't coordinate her fingers fast enough to get them to land where they need to go...

Then this activity (Golden Goose) requires her to match up the words.  It is timed and she can not get through this activity without getting frazzled.  She just can't coordinate the clicking and reading before the timer makes her do the activity again.  I ended up doing the clicking while she pointed.  Otherwise she wanted to quit and not play Reading Eggs anymore.

Once Maggie completes a full lesson she is free to play in the Playroom or Arcade, or go "shopping" in Reggie's store.  The Playroom is really fun.  the kids can explore the room playing kitchen, music, puzzles, reading, and more.

The Arcade has fun games that lets you earn extra golden eggs to spend in Reggie's Shop.
 In Reggie's Shop you can spend your golden eggs….
 You can use the stuff you buy to update your avatar!

There is SO much more to this program that I could share with you that we haven't really explored much of yet.  You can visit the music cafe, your house, see your awards, read books, check out your cool critters, and write stories in the story factory!  It is a very comprehensive program that offers something fun for kids of all learning types.

A couple other things:  Reading Eggs is compatible on both iMac and PC computers and there is an app for both Android and Apple devices.

Our overall thoughts about Reading Eggs:
Maggie really has enjoyed playing with the program and asks to do it outside of school time.  She also does more than one lesson in one sitting just for fun.  Once she completes a lesson she has fun playing in the Playroom or Arcade.  It is easy enough for her to use independently but I do have to help her with some of the activities that require more fine motor skills than she has just yet.  I don't mind though, it gives me an opportunity to really see what she is struggling with.  Oh!  I forgot to mention, when your child earns a certificate in the program you receive an email letting you know that your child has advanced.  Plus you can print off the certificate for your records.  How cool is that?  

Reading eggs retails on their website ReadingEggs.com for $49.95 for a 6 months subscription and $69.00 for a 1 year subscription.  You can also add a 2nd or 3rd child and receive 50% off their subscription price.  There are also options to buy book packs that go along with the lessons.

But, don't fort the part where I mentioned you can receive a free 5 week Reading Eggs trial!  

Here are the details...

The Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge:
From February 3rd to March 7th your child can join thousands of children across the US taking part in the Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge - an effort to inspire children to read while raising funds for The National Children's Cancer Society )NCCS).  Our goal is to raise $25,000, plus Reading Eggs will match every donation made up to this amount!

About the cause:

The Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge aims to help the NCCS realize their mission to improve the quality of life for children with cancer. All money raised will help provide financial, emotional and educational support for children and families battling childhood cancer. Learn more about the NCCS at www.thenccs.org.

How does the Read-To-Cure Challenge work?
Children sign up for a FREE 5 week trial of Reading Eggs, the popular online reading program for 3– 13 year olds. From February 3 to March 7 they are encouraged to complete as many books and Reading Eggs lessons as they can. Friends and family can sponsor their reading efforts, with all money raised going to the NCCS*.

What’s more, there are great prizes up for grabs for the top 3 children who read the most books and the top 3 children who raise the most funds!

The Reading Eggs Read-To-Cure Challenge is a FREE event. To start fundraising, children will be set up with their own fundraising web page and you can email family and friends to sponsor their reading efforts with donations!  

To Sign up to join this challenge and start using your free 5 week trial of Reading Eggs visit:  www.readingeggs.com/care.  

Discloser:  We received this program free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Many of my fellow cremates also reviewed reading eggs and you can check out their thoughts by visiting HomeschoolMosaics.com.  

*NCCS will earn a minimum of $25,000 from Reading Eggs plus 100% of the donations collected by RTCC participants

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