Friday, February 7, 2014

In Tune by Gerald N. Lund {Deseret Book Review}

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are all teachers. Not only do we have a glorious mandate to "teach all nations" the gospel (Matthew 28:19), we also have numerous charges to "teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom" (D&C 88:77). In formal and informal settings, as parents or leaders or friends, we are constantly teaching and learning. 
Not only has the Lord commanded us to teach, but He has taught us what we are to teach and how we are to do it: diligently and by the power of the Spirit. But how do we know if we're "doing it right"? What signs can we watch for that the Spirit is actually present in a teaching setting? 
In this insightful companion volume to Hearing the Voice of the Lord, bestselling author Gerald N. Lund brings his decades of experience working in the Church Educational System to the topic of teaching and learning by the Spirit. He discusses common misconceptions, important questions we should ask about our teaching, and the role of the Holy Ghost in the process. 
From the very beginning Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ made it clear that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was to be a "teaching church."  In the Doctrine & Covenants we read that we are to "teach, expound, exhort."  (D&C 20:38l 42).  We also read in the Book of Mormon and in the Bible whole chapters that demonstrate this.  The Savior is the prime example, when He came to earth His mission was to teach the people and minister unto them.   In his book In Tune, author Gerald N. Lund, seeks to share with readers the importance of this charge we have been given and how to teach effectively through the converting power of the Holy Ghost.  He goes into depth on who we are teaching, what to teach, how to teach it…specifically focusing on the role of the Spirit.  Perhaps the most import an aspect of teaching is letting the Spirit testify of the truthfulness of what you are discussing.  Lund dispels myths and goes into detail sharing first what teaching by the Spirit is not…then defines what it really means to teach by the Spirit…which surprised me and literally changed the way I thought teaching by the Spirit was supposed to look like.  Eye opening:  I have been doing a pretty good job of teaching by the Spirit, even thought I felt like I was failing.  Yay!

Now - Here is one of the greatest things about this topic.  We are all teachers.  Even if you are not holding a teaching calling in church right now or if you are not serving a full-time mission, we are all teachers in some way.  We have a lot of opportunities to teach and minister to others without the formality of being a teacher…  This book is a great resource for anyone but as a Sunday School Teacher (13 year olds) this was a very uplifting read that helped me to see what I was doing right and offered advice for more effective teaching.

You can read an excerpt here.

In Tune currently retails on for $21.99 in hardback or is available as a Deseret Bookshelf eBook for $11.99.

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