Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Dawn of Christmas by Cindy Woodsmall {Book Review}

I know I know!  I'm so very sorry that this post is coming a month after Christmas.  With all the winter weather this arrived just days before the holiday, then with Maggie's birthday and the unexpected trip to California this is the first week that I've been able to start getting caught up on life.  But, seriously!  Isn't a Christmas book a wonderful read ANY time of the year?  I love Christmas, even in January!  :)

In this novella by Cindy Woodsmall, Sadie is overjoyed when the handsome Daniel asks to marry her.  She has always been so quiet and shy that many had been afraid that she would never find love…  As Sadie and Daniel prepare for their wedding she is shocked to stumble upon Daniel and her cousin in a loving embrace in the shed.  Devastated she calls off the wedding and escapes her hurt by leaving her Amish society and living with a couple of other girls, working at a Mennonite store in another area and serving as a missionary in Peru.  Four years later, as Sadie is working to save up enough money to serve another mission she is summoned back to her community where her father tells her that she has grieved long enough, it is time for her to return home and find another suitable man to marry…  Sadie has enjoyed her newfound freedom and isn't interested in trading that for marriage.  Upon meeting Levi she discovers that he is nursing a broken heart as well.  Together they work out an arrangement to demonstrate a faux courtship to satisfy their families, knowing that their deal with never actually lead to love or marriage…  Or will it?

I have to admit that I am 50/50 on Amish romance.  Some I have really loved, some I have put down without finishing.  Cindy Woodsmall has never disappointed me (When the Soul Mends was another awesome read!) and I read this one from start to finish. Follow Sadie and Levi as they both learn to overcome hurt and find love again.  I loved this book.  Again, it is a novella so it is a short read but a wonderful full story.

Read Chapter 1 here!

Disclaimer:  I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review from WaterBrook Press Blogging For Books program.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.

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  1. I love amish romance and just finished this book too. I thought it was good and wished it had of been longer.


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