Friday, January 17, 2014

An Unexpected Detour….

Our lives took a detour last week when James' father, Jim passed away without warning.  It was completely unexpected.  We drove out early last Sunday morning, in a blizzard, and traveled intensely all the way to California to unite with family.  We are all saddened by the loss and I think many haven't fully processed the enormity of what has occurred.  The funeral was a lovely celebration of his life and we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people who came to pay their respects and offer support.  While this was a sad reason that we went California it was also a wonderful opportunity to see so many loved ones we haven't visited in a long while.  I personally met many extended family members for the first time and was blessed with an opportunity to spend more time with those that I had met before years earlier.  It is not coincidental I think that funerals become family reunions.  There were tears, yes, but also much laughter and rejoicing as we gathered together and counted our many blessings.  
We will miss Gramdaddy but are confident that we will meet again in eternity.

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  1. Sorry about your loss. Where in California were you?


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