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Spanish For You - Fiestas {Mosaic Review}

We love it when we get a chance to try something unordinary in our homeschool day.  We have tried doing Spanish in the past and we always seem to lose interest in the inexpensive little workbooks that you get from the bookstore but do not want to pay a lot of money for a true Spanish "curriculum."  We were hesitant to try another Spanish program just because we haven't had much success with it in the past but we were willing to try again when we were offered a chance through the Mosaic Reviews team to try a program called Spanish for You!

Spanish for You! was written by Debbie Annett as a way to bring the joy of learning Spanish to every family at an affordable price.  Debbie studied in Seville, Spain and holds a masters degree in curriculum & instruction from Northern Illinois University.   You can learn more about her on the about the author page.

We received the Fiestas eBook download, .pdf files that included the student materials, Lesson Guide and .mp3 downloads of the audio files.

Right away I could tell that Spanish for You! is different that the generic workbooks we were used to using.  The Lesson Guide is broken up by weeks, with 4 days of lessons per week.  Of course this is totally flexible, you do not need to do this program 4 days a week in order for it to work.  In fact, we moved through very slowly doing only 2 lessons each week.  Each day the lesson guide gives you your tasks to complete with your student.  For example, each daily lesson includes something like, read the lesson in the student guide and listen to the corresponding audio.  Do the worksheet.  Play the suggested game and/or practice ideas.  Study from the flashcards for review.  Sing a song.  It really is that simple and easy to use. 

Here are some other great features:

-Spanish for You! is thematic.  We received Fiestas and are learning about party themes, holidays and special occasions.  They also have seasons and travel.  Studying Spanish thematically is really fun!  It makes it more interesting and gives it a unit-study feel.  The great thing about the thematic approach is that there are no "levels" to this program.  You can start where you are and still use this program!

-Spanish for You! encompasses a variety of ages.  3rd - 8th grade can study the same topics together.  It isn't often that you will find a program that lets your kids in variable ages work together like this.  Oh, and I should add...we are using this for my daughter who is 6 (2nd grade).  I would say this program can easily be adapted to younger children.

- Spanish for You! is inexpensive.  Other than generic workbooks from the store we couldn't afford some of the fancier Spanish programs.  It is not in the budget for us to spend hundreds of dollars on a computer/audio based foreign language program. 

-The lessons are bite sized.  Perfect for my daughter who loses interest in long lessons.  Lessons for grades 3-4 run for 30 weeks while lessons for grades 5-8 run for 24 weeks.

-The materials are fabulous.  The flashcards are black and white and can be colored in by your child if you like.  There are 2 audios, the first is the materials read by the author, the 2nd is the book read by a native Spanish speaker.


Spanish for You! - Fiestas retails for $39.95 for each grade level package or $64.95 for the entire grade 3 - 8 package.

The Teacher Lesson Plans for Grade 3-4 are $14.95 or for Grades 5-8 are $12.95 for .pdf download.

The Spanish for You! website also offers some great extras like free curriculum activities and games, free mini-lessons and free downloadable worksheets.  For more information you could also check out the FAQ pages or the Spanish for You! blog!

We enjoyed using Spanish for You! and I know that my Mosaic Reviews team members did too.  To read their reviews visit the Mosaic Reviews website!  Thanks for stopping by!  Adios!

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