Friday, April 12, 2013

A Miracle & Murphy's Law x5

I'm overdue for an update but its been challenging.  We've had a couple of, what could only be classified as, miracles  and a ton of, what is definitely considered by me to be, Murphy's Law instances.  I'll get started:

Murphy's Law #1.  My computer died, or at least had a near-death experience.  After taking it into an Apple dealer (since I sadly discovered I couldn't fix it myself) I learned that my iPhoto library went corrupt/kaput and is gone.  No, really.... The last 5 years worth of pictures...Poof.  In the words of the infamous Pete The Cat, "Did I cry?  Goodness no!  Pictures come and pictures go..."  Hence the NO pictures on this blog update.  I don't have time to stress about it now because...

A Miracle.  We decided that since James was now working full time in Marshfield we needed to consider trying to sell our home.  We all know that the market stinks and selling seemed unlikely but we really felt impressed to do it.  So we listed our house on a Monday and had an offer by Thursday.  We have to be out the 1st week of May.  Wow!

Murphy's Law #2.  If anything could make selling our house more complicated it is the exciting home inspection.  A handful of things need to be fixed before we can move so I'm under a lot of stress to get somebody in to take care of all of these things so we can make the transition smooth for our new buyers.

Murphy's Law #3.  There are only 2 places for rent in Marshfield and they are both the kinds of places where you would NOT want to take off your shoes.  Ick!  We have affectionately nicknamed the duplex we looked at the "Poo-plex."  Because it really stunk!

Murphy's Law #4.  We looked to buy a house but the house that we loved got an offer on it 12 hours before we had a chance to submit ours.

Murphy's Law #5.  That was the only house I even liked.  Now we are going to have to settle and buy something we don't really like, rent the poo-plex, or live in a bus in the Walmart parking lot.

And there you have it.  The update.  ;)

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