Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Far World by J. Scott Savage {Deseret Book Review}

Do you like to read fantasy?  It's never been my favorite genre but the last several times I have been offered an opportunity to review something like this from Deseret Book, I've jumped at the chance!  I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this series so much and I think you might like it too.  So it is my pleasure to tell you a bit about Far World!

Far World is an intriguing series written by J. Scott Savage and it follows the adventures of a boy named Marcus and his friend Kyja.  Written in the spirit of Fablehaven this fantasy series finds the 2 teenagers battling against evil forces that are beyond this realm.  In a place where magic spells, charms and potions are the norm they meet up with some interesting characters in a place called Far World.  In this alternate world Marcus and Kyja are gathering the mythical Elementals so they can open a "portal" between both worlds.  I don't want to give too much away, but here is a short synopsis of the series so far.

Book 1: Water Keep
This first book introduces you to the main characters.  Marcus is wheel-chair bound but dreams of a life outside of his crippling circumstances.  When Kyja pulls him into her world he discovers that she suffers from a handicap of her own.  In a world where magic prevails she has none.  Together the two join forces to face "the Dark Circle."

Book 2:  Land Keep
In book 2 Marcus and Kyja must travel to Land Keep to find the Augur Well, an oracle that is protected by perilous traps and trials.  The Dark Circle gets close and Marcus and Kyja are faced with temptations...

Book 3:  Air Keep
In book 3 Marcus and Kyja continue their journey to find Air Elementals.  The Dark Circle continues to grow in power and the teens wonder who they can trust.  Oh...and of course you are left hanging!  We only have only been to 3 of the elements keeps!  LOL.

If you are a fan of fantasy you will enjoy this series.  Although the books are clean (no cursing, there is a kiss though) I would really recommend it for ages teen+ as some of the material wouldn't be enjoyable for younger kids.

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Learn more about J. Scott Savage by visiting his website at

Disclaimer:  I received Far World free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.  Thank you Deseret Book!!

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