Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where O' Where?

I know!  Where O' Where have we been?  January has been such a crazy month.  The biggest, worstest problem of all:  Our Internet.  We thought we were being so clever.  Switching to At&T Uverse would save us money AND give us FaStEr Internet...but...  nothing is every easy here in our house.  We went nearly 3 weeks with only sporadic internet access.  When we did have internet I was blasting through TOS reviews & book reviews and other essentials as quickly as a I could before my internet had a chance to crash again!  We went several days with temporary phone lines strung through our front yard but now we are finally -fingers crossed- back online!  I think.

So, what have we been up to?  I'm excited to share a whole lot of "not much" with you...

First, Kayley drove her remote control car through her hair.  It got a little tangles, so smart girl that she is...she threw it in reverse and tried to drive it back out of her hair...  Well...  

After much patient detangling... daddy finally saved the day and got the wheels free of Kayley's hair.

It has been so warm that we have had several days of playing the mud.

We have also had fun dressing up the kitty.  
Doesn't Banjo look like he is having fun??

 We started our countdown to our DisneyWorld Vacation!!  
(Of course...we only have 5 days left now...)

Maggie has found it very intriguing to run around with something over her head.  She is CRAZY.  But, amazingly she hasn't beaned herself on anything yet...

 It's been so dry...Kayley's hair is incredibly static-y, especially in her micro-fiber car seat!

We put safety locks on the drawers...  Maggie was NOT impressed.
Maggie has fun cooking.  
She is always stirring something in a pot or pan 
and bringing us samples to try....

Anyway.  We've done a LOT of staying home, schoolwork, housework and just trying to stay healthy.  The flu has been running rampant through the public schools and through the church.  We've been laying low (don't want to take that flu-bug with us to Orlando!).  I hope to be blogging more regularly again now that we have our internet back! 

I have some great things coming up this week!
Book Reviews:  101 Bible Adventures, Jillian Hart's Hometown Hero's, and Edenbrook from Deseret Book. 

TOS Reviews we are working on: Apologia "Who Am I?", BeeYoutiful Natural Products, Reading Eggs and K5 online learning.

I also can't wait to share with you that I made my own laundry soap and my own dishwasher detergent!  Pics and recipe to follow!

I plan to follow up on my 2012 goals as well...

If things go according to plan we will also be taking Maggie's 2 year old pics this week.

And then - Disneyworld!  Here WE COME!!!

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  1. Rub a dryer sheet over Kayley's hair. It makes for a nice quick fix to staticy hair. My hair gets real bad some mornings so I keep a fresh dryer sheet in my bathroom.


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