Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maestro Classics Swan Lake - TOS Review

Ok, I admit it.  I have NEVER liked Classical Music.  My hubby gets out classical music and I immediately cringe.  I don't know why.  Maybe it always made me think "elevator music."  Sometimes I thought classical music was so intense it made me feel a little stressed out.  Ok, yes, it's true,  I have honestly never really listened to much classical music - I think I just always assumed I wouldn't like it.  I certainly didn't listen to enough classical music to realize that it actually told a story!  Did you?  (Ok, you probably did...sorry!)  What a fun review we received through TOS from Maestro Classics! We got to listen to The Story of Swan Lake!

First, What is Maestro Classics?  Maestro Classics produces a classical music CD/MP3 series that is entertaining and educational.  Recommended for children ages 5 to 12, these CDs are honestly wonderful for all ages.  I promise, I am over 30 and I really, really learned a lot!  (And my 2 year old loved dancing to the music).  Winners of over 45 national awards, Maestro Classics are produced by Stephen & Bonnie Simon whose mission is:  To cultivate a love of music through education and joyful performances.   They put their heart and soul into Maestro Classics -- and it shows!

About Swan Lake: 
From Maestro Classics, "The Story of Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s greatest ballet score, is the tale of a prince who falls in love with a beautiful princess. The princess, however, has been turned into a swan by an evil magician, and only the prince’s love can break the spell. This narrated version of the classic tale for children is sure to delight all who love ballet and enchanting storytelling."

This CD includes a 24-page activity book which contains a biography of Tchaikovsky, interesting  information and details about guitars, sheet music and words for a sing-along song, explanation of major and minor keys, puzzles and more.  When you buy the MP3 you will receive a PDF of the activity book. 

What we loved about Maestro Classics:
-Narration told the story!  It was like watching a movie...Amazing!
-Educational links found on the Maestro website can be used to enhance the entire audio experience.  -Check out these homeschool curriculum guides to enhance your study of Maestro Classics!
-Join the Kids Club for even more fun!
-What doesn't a little girl LOVE about ballet?  Kayley wanted to hear it over and over again so she could dance and dance and dance.

 How to purchase your own Maestro Classics experience:

There are so many Maestro Classics to choose from!  I will be adding to my collection!  To purchase Swan Lake or any other Maestro Classics, click HERE.    CD's are $16.98 and MP3 downloads are $9.98. 

To see what my fellow crewmates thought of Maestro Classics The Story of Swan Lake, click HERE.

I received Maestro Classics The Story of Swan Lake free of charge 
in exchange for an honest review.   
All the opinions expressed herein are my own.

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