Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ReRico Brazilian Steakhouse

This weekend we had a great time going to ReRico Brazilian Steakhouse. There was WAY too much to eat...and we did eat WAY too much but it was so different, unique, fun and YUMMY! We had a gazillion choices... This is one of those places where the guys come around with a big hunk of meat on a skewer and saw it off at your table. Yes! It is like a buffet...only you don't have to get up!
They give you these little wooden doo-dads. Green means go (i.e. Bring on the meat!) Red means stop (I'm about to burst! Cease the meat!).
Then very nice dudes come around with that wicked looking knife and a very luscious hunk of steak and saw it off onto your plate. Honestly...I was in heaven.
The floor around Maggie. Where did her socks go?

So... really recommend ReRico. Although...we probably shouldn't eat there too often...since I'm already about 30 pounds heavier than I ought to be...Ack! But, that is a story for another day and another diet. For now...I'll just relive fond memories of ReRico...

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  1. I <3 these kinds of restaurants! In my last area of my mission we lived on the boarder of Brazil, and were even allowed to cross the border (it was really just a plaza... both countries shared the city) for shopping, etc. on preparation days. About once a month we'd go to Coissa Nossa - one of those delicious restaurants! Nothing beats a Brazilian steakhouse in Brazil!


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